Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kontrak Pembinaan - Soalan dan Jawapan (Edition Kedua)


"A fascinating concept, full of knowledgeable gems put in the most frank of styles ... A book to sample when the time is right and to come back to when another time is right, maybe again and again." - David A. Simmonds, Building Engineer Magazine.

Is there a difference between inspecting and supervising? What does "time-barred" mean? Is the contractor entitled to take possession of a section of the work even though it is the contractor's fault that possession is not practicable?

Construction law can be a minefield. Professionals need answers which are pithy and straightforward, as well as legally rigorous. The two hundred questions in the book are real questions, picked from the thousands of telephone enquiries David Chappell has received as a Specialist Adviser to the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The material is considerably updated from the first edition - weeded, extended and almost doubled in coverage. The questions range in content from extensions of time, liquidated damages and loss and/or expense to issues of warranties, bonds, novation, practical completion, defects, valuation, certificates and payment, architects' instructions, adjudication and fees. Brief footnotes and a table of cases are included for those who wish to investigate further.

This will be an invaluable reference for architects, project managers, contractors, QSs, employers and others involved in construction.

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