Thursday, February 20, 2014

Structure Plan Kuala Lumpur 2020


The preparation of the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 is undertaken in the conviction that most of the policies of the 1984 Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan (KLSP 1984) need to be revised due to unprecedented economic boom and rapid changes in the last 20 years. Some of the major developments that have taken place were not anticipated in the structure plan. Development such as the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at Sepang and the transfer of federal government administrative functions to Putrajaya are anticipated to stimulate and influence future changes and growth. With globalisation gathering pace, Kuala Lumpur will encounter more challenges within a new international development era. The nation’s capital should be made ready for a competitive international role in the world of the 21st Century. In the light of hanges in the last twenty years and anticipated changes in the near future for a holistic development and good governance, it is timely to prepare a new structure plan for Kuala Lumpur.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ProjectLibre: Open source replacement of Microsoft Project

At least able to view & print Project 2013 files :-)


  • Microsoft Project replacement
  • Gantt Chart
  • New and updated version of OpenProj with hundreds of updates/bug fixes
  • Earned Value Costing
  • PERT Charts
  • Project Management software
  • RBS Chart
  • New version of OpenProj

ProjectLibre Webpage

The Basics of ProjectLibre

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Green Building Index: Practice Notes for the Quantity Surveyors

Greenbuildingindex(GBI) Certification Submissions Documentation &
Verifying and Certifying GBI Green Incremental Cost for Tax Incentives

The  purpose  of  the  greenbuildingindex  (GBI)  Certification: Practice  Notes  for  Quantity Surveyors  is to establish  a  guidance  document  to  assist  Quantity  Surveyors  (QS)  in  their submissions  for  GBI   certification  and  Verifying  and  Certifying  greenbuildingindex  (GBI)  Green Incremental Cost for Tax Incentives.

This document is however only indicative and is neither an exhaustive nor definitive reference to the GBI rating tool.

Part I of this guide will cover the role of the project QS the submission for GBI certification. The guidance document covers only those GBI Assessment Criteria where the QS is directly involved with as per the GBI Design Reference Guides.

Part II of this guide will cover the role of the project QS in verifying and certifying the GBI Green Incremental Cost for Tax Incentives and a sample submission is provided as a guide.

In the overall GBI Implementation process, often the QS’s involvement is not only limited to the Assessment Criteria highlighted in the GBI Design Reference Guides. The QS is often indirectly involved  in  matters  related  to  cost  and  tender/contract  documentation  relating  to  green requirements.

For instance the QS is, to provide the parameter of the approved conceptual design in terms of quantities, rates and budget allocated so as to allow the greenbuildingindex Facilitator (GBIF) to work out the cost premium to achieve the different rating grades; providing alternative costing for the suggested green items; in cost administration adopting the green requirements in the tender/contract documents; and etc.

Rev0 August 2013

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

GST - Guide on Property Developer

Draft as at 7 Jan 2014

This  industry  guide  is  prepared  to  assist  businesses  in  understanding  matters with regards to GST treatment on property developer.

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RISM Wiki is an online knowledge repository which enables the RISM members to search and access the required knowledge as and when required. It can be enriched at any time by authorized RISM members/contributors where they can add the appropriate knowledge to the RISM Wiki.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Jadual Kadar Harga Pokok - Jabatan Landskap Negara

Bagi pembekalan pokok
– pokok tanaman bagi tujuan kerja – kerja pembinaan landskap

Jabatan  Landskap  Negara  telah  meletakkan  sasaran  Tahun  2020  sebagai  sebuah negara taman dengan visi “Malaysia, Negara Taman Terindah”

Pembinaan  taman  -  taman  awam  di  seluruh  negara  telah  merancakkan  lagi perkembangan industri landskap dan secara tidak langsung mewujudkan permintaan yang tinggi terhadap  bahan-bahan tanaman di tapak  semaian di seluruh negara.

Bagi melicinkan urusan teknikal dan menyelaras kontrak - kontrak kerajaan, maka Bahagian  Pengurusan  Kontrak,  Jabatan  Landskap  Negara  telah  menjalankan satu kajian iaitu Kajian Harga Bahan Penanaman atau ringkasnya Schedule of Rates JLN.

Kajian yang dihasilkan ini dapat membantu menyelaraskan harga bahan penanaman dan memberi garis panduan  bagi harga pokok - pokok bagi seluruh projek landskap di seluruh negara.

Selain  itu  juga  ia  membantu  pihak  jabatan  menyelaras  setiap  anggaran  kos  bagi semua  projek  -  projek  pembinaan  taman  awam  yang  melibatkan  permintaan terhadap bahan - bahan penanaman di seluruh negara.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Projek Pengurusan - Pendekatan Secara Common Sense



The objective of this dissertation is to provide a didactic paradigm for anyone controlling projects. For this purpose we are using the word project to mean any undertaking requiring concentrated effort. These projects can range from putting together a complex computer program including its implementation to executing a multi discipline construction project.  This document should serve as a guide to assist any Project Manager in correctly putting together the paperwork on a project. 

Through proper documentation and correspondence, it is possible to help avoid litigation.  This by itself will not circumvent legal proceedings however, with extremely well organized documentation and letter formation it will make litigation matters less painful to deal with.

This document will deal with construction projects. To utilize this system for other disciplines of project management it may be necessary to modify the terminology however, all of the fundamentals remain the same.

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